Bright Futures Milestone Category


Milestone Name Expected Age
Able to be calmed when picked up 0
Turns and calms to parent’s voice 0
Communicates needs through his behaviors 0
Has an undifferentiated cry 0
Is able to follow parents with his eyes 1
Recognizes the parents’ voices 1
Begins to demonstrate differentiated types of crying (hunger, discomfort, fatigue) 2
Coos 2
Has clearer behaviors to indicate needs for food, sleep, play, comforting 2
Cries in a differentiated manner to express hunger, fatigue, pain 4
Babbles more expressively and spontaneous 4
Uses a string of vowels together (babbling “ah,” “eh,” “oh”) and enjoys vocal turn taking 6
Is beginning to recognize own name 6
Will begin to use consonant sounds (“m,” “b”) and then combine together (“ah,” ”ba,”) as jargon 6
Uses wide variety of repetitive consonants and vowel sounds 9
Starts to point out objects 9
Demonstrates prodeclarative pointing (points to a desired object and watches to see whether the parent sees it) 12
Imitates vocalizations and sounds 12
Speaks 1 to 2 words 12
Jabbers with inflections of normal speech 12
Indicates what he wants by pulling, pointing, or grunting 15
Brings objects over to show you 15
Hands you a book when he wants to hear a story 15
Says 2 to 3 words (not Dada/Mama) with meaning 15
Vocalizes and gestures; speaks 6 words 18
Points to indicate to someone else what he wants 18
Has vocabulary of at least 50 words 24
Uses 2-word phrases 24
Asks parent to read a book 24
Uses short phrases of 3 to 4 words 30
Is understandable to others 50% of the time 30
Carries on a conversation with 2 to 3 sentences spoken together 36
Is understandable to others 75% of the time 36
Names a friend 36
Gives first and last name 48
Sings a song or says a poem from memory 48
Knows what to do if cold, tired, or hungry 48
Is clearly understandable with most speech efforts 48