Bright Futures Milestone Category


Milestone Name Expected Age
Moves in response to visual or auditory stimuli 0
Is able to suck, swallow, and breathe 0
Shows strong primitive reflexes (suck, rooting, palmer grasp, stepping, Moro reflex, tonic neck reflex) 0
Is able to lift head briefly when in the prone position 0
Is able to lift his head when on his tummy 1
Is able to hold up head and begins to push up in prone position 2
Has consistent head control in supported sitting position 2
Shows symmetrical movements of head, arms, and legs 2
Shows diminishing newborn reflexes 2
Pushes chest up to elbows 4
Has good head control 4
Demonstrates symmetrical movements of arms and legs 4
Begins to roll and reach for objects 4
Rolling over and sitting allow for increasing mobility, standing and bouncing; in prone position, will gradually move into crawling position 6
Rocks back and forth, often crawling backward before moving forward 6
Will learn to rotate in sitting and eventually move from sitting to crawling position 6
Rapidly expands motor skills—crawls reciprocally, gets to sitting, begins to pull to stand 9
Bangs 2 cubes held in hands 12
Stands alone 12
Walks well, stoops, and recovers 15
Is able to take steps backwards 15
Puts block in cup 15
Drinks from a cup 15
Walks up steps, runs 18
Stacks 2 or 3 blocks 18
May imitate a crayon stroke and scribbles 18
Uses a spoon and cup without spilling most of the time 18
Stacks 5 or 6 blocks 24
Makes or imitates horizontal and circular strokes with crayon 24
Turns book pages one at a time 24
Imitates food preparation: scrubs, tears, breaks, dips, snaps, beats an egg, “washes” dishes 24
Throws ball overhand 24
Goes up and down stairs one step at a time 24
Kicks a ball 24
Jumps up 24
Jumps up and down in place 30
Throws ball overhand 30
Washes and dries hands 30
Brushes teeth with help 30
Puts on clothes with help 30
Copies a vertical line 30
Builds a tower of 6 to 8 cubes 36
Throws a ball overhand 36
Rides a tricycle 36
Walks up stairs alternating feet 36
Balances on 1 foot for 1 second 36
Copies a circle 36
Draws a person with 2 body parts (head and one other part) 36
Is toilet trained during the daytime for both bowel and bladder 36
Hops on one foot 48
Balances on one foot for 2 seconds 48
Builds a tower of 8 blocks 48
Copies a cross 48
Pours, cuts, and mashes own food 48
Brushes own teeth 48
Dresses self, including buttons 48