Healthy Children Milestone Category

Hand and Finger Skills

Milestone Name Expected Age
Uses pincer grasp 12
Bangs two cubes together 12
Puts objects into container 12
Takes objects out of container 12
Lets objects go voluntarily 12
Pokes with index finger 12
Tries to imitate scribbling 12
Scribbles spontaneously 24
Turns over container to pour out contents 24
Builds tower of four blocks or more 24
Might use one hand more frequently than the other 24
Copies square shapes 48
Draws a person with two to four body parts 48
Uses scissors 48
Draws circles and squares 48
Begins to copy some capital letters 48
Copies triangle and other geometric patterns 60
Draws person with body 60
Prints some letters 60
Dresses and undresses without assistance 60
Uses fork, spoon, and (sometimes) a table knife 60
Usually cares for own toilet needs 60