Healthy Children Milestone Category

Visual and Hearing

Milestone Name Expected Age
Watches faces intently 3
Follows moving objects 3
Recognizes familiar objects and people at a distance 3
Starts using hands and eyes in coordination 3
Smiles at the sound of your voice 3
Begins to babble 3
Begins to imitate some sounds 3
Turns head toward direction of sound 3
Develops full color vision 7
Distance vision matures 7
Ability to track moving objects improves 7
Focuses 8 to 12 inches (20.3 to 30.4 cm) away 1
Eyes wander and occasionally cross 1
Prefers black-and-white or high-contrast patterns 1
Prefers the human face to all other patterns 1
Hearing is fully mature 1
Recognizes some sounds 1
May turn toward familiar sounds and voices 1