Scharf et al. Pediatrics in Review 2016 Milestone Category

Gross Motor

Milestone Name Expected Age
Head bobs when held in sitting position 2
Chin up in prone position 1
Turns head in supine position 1
Chest up in prone position 2
Props on forearms in prone position 3
Rolls to side 3
Sits with trunk support 4
No head lag when pulled to sit 4
Props on wrists 4
Rolls front to back 4
Sits with pelvic support 5
Rolls back to front 5
Anterior protection 5
Sits with arms supporting trunk 5
Sits momentarily propped on hands 6
Pivots in prone 6
In prone position, bears weight on 1 hand 6
Bounces when held 7
Sits without support steadily 7
Lateral protection 7
Puts arms out to sides for balance 7
Gets into sitting position 8
Commando crawls 8
Pulls to sitting/kneeling position 8
“Stands” on feet and hands 9
Begins creeping 9
Pulls to stand 9
Bear walks (all four limbs straight) 9
Creeps well 10
Cruises around furniture using two hands 10
Stands with one hand held 10
Walks with two hands held 10
Pivots in sitting position 11
Cruises furniture using one hand 11
Stands for a few seconds 11
Walks with one hand held 11
Stands well with arms high, legs splayed 12
Posterior protection 12
Independent steps 12
Walks with arms high and out (high guard) 13
Stands without pulling up 14
Falls by collapse 14
Walks well 14
Stoops to pick up toy 15
Creeps up stairs 15
Runs stiff-legged 15
Walks carrying toy 15
Climbs on furniture 15
Stands on one foot with slight support 16
Walks backwards 16
Walks up stairs with one hand held 16
Creeps down stairs 18
Runs well 18
Seats self in small chair 18
Throws ball while standing 18
Squats in play 20
Carries large object 20
Walks downstairs with one hand held 20
Walks up stairs holding rail, putting both feet on each step 22
Kicks ball with demonstration 22
Walks with one foot on walking board 22
Walks down stairs holding rail, both feet on each step 24
Kicks ball without demonstration 24
Throws overhand 24
Jumps from bottom step with one foot leading 28
Walks on toes after demonstration 28
Walks backward 10 steps 28
Walks up stairs with rail, alternating feet 30
Jumps in place 30
Stands with both feet on balance beam 30
Walks with one foot on balance beam 30
Walks swinging arms opposite of legs (synchronous gait) 33
Balances on one foot for 3 seconds 36
Goes up stairs, alternating feet, no rail 36
Pedals tricycle 36
Walks heel to toe 36
Catches ball with stiff arms 36
Balances on one foot 4 to 8 seconds 48
Hops on one foot two to three times 48
Standing broad jump: 1 to 2 feet 48
Gallops 48
Throws ball overhand 10 feet 48
Catches bounced ball 52
Walks down stairs with rail, alternating feet 60
Balances on one foot >8 seconds 60
Hops on one foot 15 times 60
Skips 60
Running broad jump 2 to 3 feet 60
Walks backward heel-toe 60
Jumps backward 60
Tandem walks 72