Scharf et al. Pediatrics in Review 2016 Milestone Category


Milestone Name Expected Age
Visual threat present 2
Gazes at black/white objects 1
Follows face 1
Follows large, highly contrasting objects 2
Recognizes mother 2
Reaches for face 3
Follows objects in circle (in supine position) 3
Regards toys 3
Mouths objects 4
Stares longer at novel faces than familiar 4
Shakes rattle 4
Reaches for ring/rattle 4
Turns head to look for dropped spoon 5
Regards pellet or small cracker 5
Touches reflection and vocalizes 6
Removes cloth on face 6
Bangs and shakes toys 6
Explores different aspects of toy 7
Observes cube in each hand 7
Finds partially hidden object 7
Seeks object after it falls silently to the floor 8
Inspects bell 9
Rings bell 9
Pulls string to obtain ring 9
Uncovers toy under cloth 10
Pokes at pellet in bottle 10
Tries to put cube in cup, but may not be able to let go 10
Finds toy under cup 11
Looks at pictures in book 11
Rattles spoon in cup 12
Lifts box lid to find toy 12
Dangles ring by string 13
Reaches around clear barrier to obtain object 13
Unwraps toy in cloth 13
Dumps pellet out of bottle after demonstration 14
Turns pages in book 15
Places circle in single-shape puzzle 15
Dumps pellet out without demonstration 16
Finds toy observed to be hidden under layers of covers 16
Places circle in form board 16
Matches pairs of objects 18
Replaces circle in form board after it has been turned around (usually with trial and error) 18
Deduces location of hidden object 20
Places square in form board 20
Completes form board 22
Sorts objects 24
Matches objects to pictures 24
Shows use of familiar objects 24
Matches shapes 28
Matches colors 28
Replaces circle in form board after it has been turned around (little or no trial and error) 30
Points to small details in pictures 30
Points to self in photos 33
Points to body parts based on function (“What do you hear with?”) 33
Draws a two- to three-part person 36
Understands long/ short, big/small, more/less 36
Knows own gender 36
Knows own age 36
Matches letters/ numerals 36
Draws a four- to six-part person 48
Can give amounts (usually less than 5) correctly 48
Simple analogies: - dad/boy: mother/??? - ice/cold: fire/??? - ceiling/up: floor/??? 48
Points to five to six colors 48
Points to letters/ numerals when named 48
Rote counts to 4 48
“Reads” several common signs/ store names 48
Draws an 8- to 10-part person 60
Gives amounts (<10) 60
Identifies coins 60
Names letters/ numerals out of order 60
Rote counts to 10 60
Names 10 colors 60
Uses letter names as sounds to invent spelling 60
Knows sounds of consonants and short vowels by end of kindergarten 60
Reads 25 words 60
Draws a 12- to 14-part person 72
Number concepts to 20 72
Simple addition/ subtraction 72
Understands seasons 72
Sounds out regularly spelled words 72
Reads 250 words by end of first grade 72