Scharf et al. Pediatrics in Review 2016 Milestone Category


Milestone Name Expected Age
Feeds self crackers 6
Opens mouth at sight of breast or bottle 2
Sucks well 1
Brings hands to mouth 3
Briefly holds onto breast or bottle 4
Gums/ mouths pureed food 5
Places hands on bottle 6
Refuses excess food 7
Holds own bottle 8
Finger feeds CheeriosĀ® or string beans 8
Bites, chews cookie 9
Drinks from cup held for child 10
Cooperates with dressing 11
Finger feeds part of meal 12
Takes off hat 12
Drinks from cup with some spilling 13
Removes socks/shoes 14
Chews well 14
Puts spoon in mouth (turns over) 14
Uses spoon with some spilling 15
Attempts to brush own hair 15
Fusses to be changed 15
Picks up and drinks from cup 16
Fetches and carries objects (same room) 16
Removes garment 18
Gets onto adult chair unaided 18
Moves about house without adult 18
Places only edibles in mouth 20
Feeds self with spoon entire meal 20
Uses spoon well 22
Drinks from cup well 22
Unzips zippers 22
Puts shoes on partway 22
Toilet trained 33
Opens door using knob 24
Sucks through a straw 24
Takes off clothes without buttons 24
Pulls off pants 24
Holds self and verbalizes toilet needs 28
Pulls pants up with assistance 28
Washes hands 30
Puts things away 30
Brushes teeth with assistance 30
Puts on coat unassisted 33
Independent eating 36
Pours liquid from one container to another 36
Puts on shoes without laces 36
Unbuttons 36
Goes to toilet alone 48
Wipes after bowel movement 48
Washes face/hands 48
Brushes teeth alone 48
Buttons 48
Uses fork well 48
Spreads with knife 60
Independent dressing 60
Bathes independently 60
Ties shoes 72
Combs hair 72
Looks both ways at street 72
Remembers to bring belongings 72